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glasscamel in travl_sized

Pocket Travel Companion

I had absolutely no extra room in my carry-on this year for Plushformer travel companions :<
Happily, Persephone here volunteered to keep me company by riding in my pocket ♥

She got to sit in CDG airport for hours and hours and hours. She seems to enjoy watching airplanes come and go more than the super-posh shopping

When I finally (finally!!) had a free day, she came with me into the city.
She was a huge help in deciphering the ticket-selling-machine!

And then she helped me find the correct quai

She is really good with subways. I suspect it is because she's originally from New York...

she also was a great sport for standing in front of famous things for me too! XD
Here she is on the bridge opposite Notre Dame Cathedrale

And L'Arc de Triumphe

And, of course, the Eiffel Tower


And the next day it was back to the airport for more traveling and more plane-watching

Thanks for the community Rusty! *melts at all the PuffPuggle-y cuteness* 8D