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daniellebee88 in travl_sized

PugglePrime's Aquarium Adventure!

Went on a field trip with some students I'm teaching and decided to bring Puggleformer Optimus along!  The students sure do get a kick out of him, haha.

balance = FAIL
These seats were quite difficult to balance on...

If I were in my truck mode...we'd be there by now...

At least we have fuel! ...at least...I think it's fuel?
(they're delicious though!)

The floors MOVED.  This is not Iacon!

Suddenly I feel so...small

It's right behind me...isn't it?


Puggle + Goldfish crackers = too cute for words. And that's awesome that Puggleformer Optimus is sort of a class pet. Hee. XD Thanks for sharing!

(BTW, would you please put the images behind a cut, per the rules? Thanks! :) /mod hat)

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Aw thank you!

and sure I would love to fix the images...but can i ask what you mean by "behind a cut" ?
That would be the handy-dandy LJ-cut, which keeps multiple images/lots of text from taking up space. :)

Instructions are here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75&q=lj-cut

did i fix it?! Did i fix it?!

*technology doesn't like me*
Yep, you got it. ;) Thanks again!